Athas Capital Group

While owning a house has long been the American dream, financial challenges make it unattainable for many Americans. A lot of Americans, though well able to afford a home, are unable to get a mortgage due to strict lending policies of banks and credit unions. Without perfect credit, good collateral and proof of income, people cannot get a traditional mortgage.  Athas Capital Group, one of the first and largest subprime lenders in the nation, provides a solution to this problem.

A direct nonprime lending platform, Athas Capital Group offers structured, transparent lending solutions without the obstacles associated with conventional lenders. Athas provides defined rate sheets, underwriting guidelines, and in-house capital, with all operational decisions, processes, and funding completed in-house. No matter your residential or commercial funding needs, you can trust Athas to provide the quick funding you need.

Athas’ leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate industry and is here to assist you with reliable service, quick closing times, and the best lending programs in the business. Visit to learn more.